Velvet Iris
Velvet Iris

Velvet Iris

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A Fragrance inspired from the cool breezes of Nature, where cultural barriers and walls give way to the Freedom of the Soul and its quest for an adventure and discovering the Unknown, where the sense of adventure and Bravado is the sole Motive of Life.
In an unexpected encounter between Vetiver, Ambergris with dark chocolate and sour Oranges, the Adventure of the Velvet Iris begins, to let roam between the scent notes in a modern, non-traditional concept that is very fluid and full of pleasant surprises.
Discover this fragrance line that is made of high quality natural components with a Majestic scent.


Bergamot, Mint, Juniper, Bitter orange 

Pear, Iris,  Raspberry, Caramel, Dark chocolate 

Vetiver, Sandalwood, Cedar, Vanilla, Musk, Amber

Perfume type: Eau de Parfum
Capacity: 100 ml