The perfume industry has always been considered to play a big role in people’s lives for centuries all over the world. From the very beginning, with simple components, to the evolved techniques and ingredients, the perfumes have served as complements for the everyday life, providing people with the comfort and prosperity that they deserve. Pana Dora doesn’t just acknowledge the sacred history of perfumes- we want to reach new levels of uniqueness and luxury brought by the magnificent aromatic ingredients from all over the world, to build the final product poured into a bottle of success and love. With over 30 years of experience, dedication and passion, we’ve managed to create a rare opportunity for perfume lovers to experience our outstanding perfume collection. This collection, containing the rare ingredients, has been created with passion, with precision and splendor, all of which finally poured into our beautiful formed perfume bottle topped with the majestic head of the Swedish deer, proudly makes Pana dora home of the most authentic, unique and original perfume collection inspired from Sweden.
Pana Dora is a Swedish company that was established in 2019 AD by the Syrian-Swedish perfumer Ibrahim Al-Zoubi, who immigrated from Syria in 1988 and roamed the world in search of the rarest aromatic ingredients, where he worked as a perfumer for the largest international companies for more than 30 years until he ended up establishing the Pana Dora company in the Swedish city of Emmaboda . The aromatic journey of the components of this group began in 1990 AD, he continued to move between mountains, valleys and areas inhabited by rare ingredients, as he traveled the earth east and west until he concluded the manufacture of this distinctive group.
In Pana Dora we have unique scents, based on values and originality. Our scents are exclusive creations, and each glass has a story different from its counterparts, as we strive to achieve authenticity in every step of creation, starting from the selection of aromatic compositions and ending with packaging and distribution.
In Pana Dora we use a special protocol for all perfumes, to satisfy every desire, as each perfume is designed according to special standards that suit the East and the West, and now after traveling to most cities in the world to search for rare raw materials, we are proud to start from Sweden and its unique forests and the rare flowers, and also proud to set special criteria for choosing the compositions that suit all tastes, as we are always keen to keep our customers constantly informed of all the lists of aromatic ingredients of the various aromatic bottles and the materials they contain that suit all societies and peoples.
Enjoy the peace of mind knowing the ingredients of your perfume, which puts your safety first, as we have in Pana Dora office the rare strain of ingredients that we get from east Asia, Africa and Europe, where the Swedish Pana Dora does not only moisten by collecting a bottle that smells beautiful for consumers, but the goal it is conveying emotions, creating beautiful moments, and running into memory to find out what it takes to create a luxurious perfume bottle.