Imperial Wood (Extrait)
Imperial Wood (Extrait)
Imperial Wood (Extrait)

Imperial Wood (Extrait)

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Imperial Wood

is the fragrance of the Sweden rustic life. It is a revolutionary Extrait De Parfum that contains the highest concentration of aromatic compounds. The high concentration of the perfume is not the only reason that contributes to its uniqueness but also its wonderful composition. For the first time, someone composes the natural cocoa smell and the Indonesian agarwood, which is barely noticeable in most of the perfumes. The top notes contain Damask rose, thyme, tobacco leaves, and a touch of woody-spicy saffron. The smell of Frankincense speaks for itself in addition to cardamom, cinnamon sticks, tonka combined with vanilla, and cocoa. All these magical smells are topped off with a final touch of sandalwood. While the base note of the perfume is the Indonesian agarwood, leather, and amber wood.
The perfumer Ibrahim Al Zouabi inspired Imperial Wood composition from the traditional Sweden rustic life in the seventeenth century. Especially their banquets which contained cocoa cake combined with a lot of cardamom and spices. The availability of the various type of spices and natural flowers were essential in the Swedish community at that time. These ingredients were used on pleasant and bitter occasions. The Imperial Wood expresses these scenes with a fragrance that takes you to a magnificent era.


Spicy Notes, Thyme, Safraleine, Tobacco

Cinnamon, Cacao, Cardamom, Olibanum, Cloves   

Leather, Amber, Incense, Oud

Perfume type: Extrait de Parfum
Capacity: 100 ml