Swedish Wood (Extrait)
Swedish Wood (Extrait)

Swedish Wood (Extrait)

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Sweden's dense forests

Sweden was distinguished in the seventeenth century by its wonderful dense forest that still characterizes it today. This forest danced with the fertile land of Sweden to generate types of flowers and woods that crept into our group, emitting a scent that expresses the beauty of the Swedish geographical nature. In this fragrance, Bulgarian roses were mixed with pink pepper and ended with a base consisting of oud and patchouli in addition to the distinctive and penetrating caperpol oil, to form for us in the end a distinctive mixture of woods and natural roses that was hidden within these wonderful dense forests. You can try a sprinkle of this fragrance to bring with it the beautiful past, ancient originality and longing for nature.

Apple, Rosemary, Pink pepper

Cloves, Floral notes

Mix of oud, Patchouli, Cyperus scariosus   Vetiver, Laburnum